Welcome to the Pitt of Dispair. Don't even think of...

Yeah... uh.. well here it is. It's alive and well. Well... at least its alive. Anyway, we'll see if it can stay healthy or not.

As for what it is, well, that's open for debate. I guess we should start with MOAG. MOAG stands for Mother Of All Games. Or Master Of All Galaxies. Or Midgets Operating Albanian Gondolas... or, well you get the drift. Anyway, MOAG was the brainchild of one Westly Harris. Having played copious amounts of MechWarrior and Dungeons and Dragons, we all came to the conclusion that these games were missing something. Or better yet, they had too much. Tired of referring to the various breakfast cereal charts and running tables, we simply wanted a base standard of game play in which the GM could expand and dictate at thier discretion. Now don't get me wrong. MechWarrior and Dungeons and Dragons are both excellent games, and we had no intention of coming up with something "Better", just different. Anyway to make a long story short, West came up with MOAG. A space exploration RPG set in the future, borrowing heavily from various subjects as The Predator to Star Wars to The Good The Bad and The Ugly. And possibly West Side Story. And The Abyss. Okay basically any work of science fiction.

Well, my retelling of how it all began is probably a bit shady. It's been almost 15 years since we started this, so you'll have to give me some lattitude in my remembering. And so it brings us to this current enterprise, and the answer to what this is all about. It's all about MOAG. And Role Playing. Heck, pretty much anything to do with gaming of any kind. And I must warn you that it might be about Sports from time to time (I'll try to keep it to a minimum).

So please, leave your comments, ask questions, and we'll see if we can answer them. If you want to make a post of your own concerning anything that might fit the topic, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Anyway, until West decides to set the story of MOAG straight, keep rolling the dice.

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